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Mission Statement

Titan Transport Ltd recognizes that Safety is an operating responsibility, demanding a commitment fromall levels of management. Fleet vehicle safety takes on an additional signiticance because our vehiclesoperate on. and share highways with the general public. As a Motor Carrier, Titan Transport Ltd has moral, ethical, economic and legal obligations to:

Conserve human life
Prevent human pain and suffering
Avoid injury and destruction of property, and.
Comply with ALL Federal, Provincial and State regulations governing Motor Carrier operation.

The success of this Safety effort depends on the co-operation and active support of ALL Employees. Owner Operators, Contractors and visitors. Each Individual is expected to meet all applicable Federal. State and Provincial regulations regarding Safety, as well as those standards and policies established by Titan Transport Ltd.

Accident prevention is the first order of business on any day and will take precedence overexpediency or short cuts. The efficiency of any organization can be measured directly by its ability to control loss. The personal health and safety of each employee, Owner Operator, Contractor and the general public are of primary importance. Every attempt will be made to reduce the possibility of accidental occurrences that may result in injury or property damage.

We will maintain a Fleet Safety program conforming to the best practices for Motor Carrier organizations. The program will include qualification, training and supervision of Operators, and the establishment of safe working practices, planned inspection and maintenance of equipment. The program will also include reporting, investigation and review of accidents.

Management all levels shall diligently carry out these policies up to and including taking the appropriate corrective or disciplinary action in the event of a violation.

Only through all our co-operative efforts can a loss prevention or risk management program be effective.Your personal endorsement and co-operation is expected and appreciated.